Locals Only Brisket Cook-Off



Must also complete full application for this same category to be registered.


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** There will be no electricity or outlets provided this year. Contestants will be responsible for their own generators.


• All contestants must have proof of residency in Lea County. Contestants must be 18 years of age to participate. Registration closes at LMS Tent at 7:00pm.

• SANITATION – Cooks are to prepare and cook in as sanitary manner as is possible. Cooking conditions are subject to inspection by a Smokin’ on the Plaza representative & NM Health Dept. Infractions identified shall be immediately corrected or the cook will be subject to disqualification.

✴ All contestants must have a food permit. Lovington Mainstreet will host a special session, on May 9th from 3:00pm-8:00pm at the Troy Harris Center (201 s. Main, Lovington) to assist any contestant. Proof of permit must be received by June 14th or contestant forfeits and entry fee will not be reimbursed. To download your form check out: www.nmenv.state.nm.us/foodprogram

• COOKED ON SITE – All food entries will be cooked on-site. The preparation and completion (excluding pre-trimming) of any and all food entries in competition must be done on site. Competition meat be subject to inspection at cook-off by a Smokin’ on the Plaza representative.

• COOKING SOURCES – Approved cooking/heat sources include all acceptable (Wood heat sources, as well as Propane/Gas Grill. (Microwave, convection oven, conventional oven, stove-top and electric heat sources NOT allowed.)

– PIT – Any commercial or homemade, trailered or un-trailered, pit or smoker normally used for competitive barbecue. A BBQ Pit may include gas or electricity for starting the combustion of wood or wood products but NOT to complete cooking. Pit should be of a permanent design that contains separate individual cooking chambers and heat sources. (no sharing of heat sources)

– BYC (Backyard Cooker) – any cooking device by design or nature that is inherently portable and by design is intended for recreational cooking.

• BRISKET- Each contestant must provide a minimum of 10 lbs of cooked meat. All blocking must be done before cooking. The fat cap may be trimmed or cut away. Brisket must be ready to be judged by 12:00pm on Saturday June 15th.

✴ All garnishes and condiments are prohibited, as they do not reflect the true quality of the cooked meat. Meats may be cooked with sauces and/or other liquids, but once the cooking is complete, sauces and/or liquids may not be added once put into tray. NO PUDDLING IN BOTTOM OF TRAY.

✴ Pre-Trimming – Competition meat may be removed from the store packaging and pre-trimmed unless there is a health department rule requiring that all meat must be in store packaging when meat is inspected.

✴ QUANTITY – Each contestant will provide 1 slice of brisket to each attendee to taste; approximately 1/4ʹʹ to 3/8”thick. (Attendees will have cards with team names. Please initial card, once attendee has received portion.) Contestant must be able to provide 80-2 oz tastes.

✴ JUDGING – Will be opened at 1:00pm on June 15th and will close at 3:00pm. Attendees will be allowed to judge all contestants’ brisket only during this time. Attendees will be given 3 coins and a scoring sheet. Judges will assign a score from 1 to 10 for each portion. Once attendee has judged all brisket, he/ she will award the overall best brisket with a coin. Coin will be submitted at LMS Tent.

• Trophies and cash prizes given to first 3 places. Awards to be given following judging. 1st Place: $300; 2nd Place: $200; 3rd Place: $100